Video Assets Acquired, Now What?

It’s worked so far, but we’re not out yet.

-Dr. McCoy, Star Trek 1967, as sampled by Information Society

So far you’ve captured video assets, putting matches on Facebook or YouTube, commemorating your event as it happened, or publishing the videos right afterwards to celebrate the players and their skill. Don’t stop there. Use those assets to publicize your future events, and even just the game itself in your area.

Elsewhere, we’ve published an article specific to Facebook advertising of an event and included an example of re-using the last event’s video to help engage that social media audience with the new event. You can find that article here:
and the post here:

Additionally, you may have seen the Highlight Reel and What’s the Call series produced by Racquetball Canada.

These highlights get lots of reactions and shares on social media compared to most of the posts put out by Racquetball Canada.

These What’s the Call videos get the absolute most interaction of any post that Racquetball Canada produces, with the exception being live streaming of national championship matches. For weekly posts, keeping up interest in the sport, these are an ideal use of those video assets and the social media manager’s time.

Both of these are excellent examples of taking a little bit of time, editing out a single rally, and re-using that produced content to promote the sport.

If you have the content locally, there are free video tools that will allow you to clip out a single rally very quickly. In Windows 10 and prior versions, the Media Player would do it adequately. In Windows 11, you will want Microsoft’s ClipChamp tool, which is a free download. If you want to spend a bit more time, changing audio, or stringing multiple clips together, consider Davinci Resolve as the free version will do everything a court sports organization will need to handle. I’d recommend Davinci Resolve on Mac and iPad as well. If you are in the Apple ecosystem, Final Cut Pro (free for 90 days) is also a highly rated option if you have $300 to spare. Your goal in video editing tool acquisition, should be to find one that is simple for you to use, runs on hardware you already own, and that isn’t so complicated that you spend an hour putting together a 30 second video clip.

The more short-form content you create to publicize your events (and your sport in general), the more eyeballs you will reach, the better attendance your events will have, and the more longevity the sport will have in your local area.

Reach out to us if you have specific questions on how best to re-use your existing video assets, or if you would like us to come record or broadcast an event so that you have quality video assets to use going forward!