As the business side of our news site Daily Racquetball and our opinion site JT RB, this is where we promote the game of racquetball thru broadcast offerings and documenting best practices.

A quote from the owner:

Out of sight is out of mind. There are millions of lapsed racquetball players that played as juniors or while in college. These players got busy with work and family and either didn’t find a court or didn’t find players to keep them involved, when that post school change was happening. With social media, we have an opportunity to refamiliarize those players with the game. These players are likely not commercial gym members, so they don’t see racquetball courts at all in their day-to-day life. Friends, family, and colleagues can help get racquetball back into the minds of those players and into their plans by streaming live racquetball matches on their personal social media timelines and by sharing well produced racquetball matches on their personal timelines. Our goal here with the 3 sites is to bring some joy back into the world via the competition and camaraderie available thru racquetball.

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