The equipment to run a broadcast is expensive if you are starting from nothing. Since we are not starting from nothing, but would like to be able to continue to broadcast events and eventually upgrade cameras or switchers or computers when 4K live streaming becomes more popular, we cannot give our services away.


We are based 15 minutes south of LAX Airport in Los Angeles County. This provides an opportunity for most airlines to have a reasonable airfare to your location. We will work with you to minimize that airfare. We do have 2 hard shelled cases for equipment, one that travels with the owner and the second that gets checked under the airplane. For a recent trip to Fort Lauderdale to broadcast for the Florida Racquetball Association‘s 2022 State Doubles Championships, we found a flight with Delta that was within their budget. With Delta, the checked bag added $30 each way to the cost of the airfare.

If your event is within 6 hours of Los Angeles by car, then we will drive to the event rather than fly. This travel expense can be paid as a flat fee, $250, or the gasoline receipts for the trip to get to the event can be doubled to cover the return trip.


We are able to work with the event to share a hotel room with other event management team members or even to stay in a spare bedroom of the host group. The event should plan on paying for this directly with the hotel.


If the event provides snacks or meals to their attendees, then those same meals can be consumed by us. If there are no plans to have food onsite, then $50 per day for food is our standard per diem.


If the event can provide wired internet access of at least 20 Mbps upload, then we do not charge for that service. If we need to provide internet access via wireless hotspots on our account, then the charge is $150 for a three-day event. Longer events require multiple plans on our end, so would grow at $80 per day.


The usage of all of the equipment and the operator to keep everything running smoothly is billed at $300 per day, with an expectation of 8 matches (~8-9 hours) on each of those days. So an event which broadcasts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday would be $900.

Have questions about these fees, or are you ready to start discussing and scheduling your event? Hit us up via the Contact page!