Go Pro – Inside The Court

There will be times when you want to record a match and the facility will be concrete, with only a small porthole window in the door. This tends to be very bad for trying to record from outside the court. At Abrams Gym on Fort Hood in Texas, WolfMan Racquetball has decided to use a GoPro with a modified mount inside the court attached to that window in the door.

Links are direct to GoPro’s site, you might find these cheaper elsewhere or even better alternatives.
Suction Cup Mount
Grab Bag of Extra Parts

Personally, I don’t recommend the GoPro cameras, their reputation and price is built on their amazing image stabilization. If the camera is going to be on a fixed point, like a suction cup mount inside or just outside a racquetball court, then any action camera that fits your image quality needs will be fine. There are dozens of models under $100 that will do 4K and 60 FPS and those will be great for reviewing your matches and even for uploading to YouTube.